Opening your own float tank business starts here. 


We’ve written this as a comprehensive guide to opening a world-class float center. No fluff, filler, or useless spreadsheets, just the most critical information for you to start your journey. This Ebook will be a start-up guide, operations manual, marketing cheat sheet and a How- To on opening a profitable float center within the first year.


We've done all the hard work for you!

Save money

You’re opening a wellness center, so your heart and your head have to be in a mindset of giving, healing and helping. This is not a get-rich quick venture.

Save time

There is such an extensive volume of considerations & information when designing and operating a float center. We boiled it down to a digestible guide.

less mistakes

Why should you open a Float center? Because it appears to be the sort of progressive natural therapy that is getting very popular very quickly.

Create an effective brand that drives traffic


Sean McCormick

Founder / Float master

Owner and operator of Float Seattle & Float bellevue, the two most successful float studios in the pacific northwest. Sean found for himself that floating & meditation can be the most powerful personal tool we may access. During his first float (in a stranger's basement) - sean had an out of body experience that drastically changed his path.

Float Seattle

408 NE 70th st. Seattle, wa 98115


11101 NE 12th st. Bellevue, wa 98004

Your first stop in the research process

If you are like we were when we decided to open a float center, you are looking for something else. You’re looking for an alternative way to live your life and pay the bills, that doesn’t include sitting at a desk all day, or giving your blood, sweat and tears to a company that doesn’t really care about you. You should open a float center because it’s fulflling. You should open a float center because floating is incredible, and you want to help people reach their potential in the most beautiful and simplest way possible.